Critical Alignment Therapy

Using the principles and specialized props developed for Critical Alignment Therapy, this class works to relieve strain and tension in the body by using long holds in therapeutic postures. Once tension has been released, we start to develop more effective movement patterns in the body. This class is beneficial for anyone working through injury, chronic pain, repetitive strain injuries, or just simply looking for relaxation. You will gain a greater sense awareness of body awareness, a release of muscular tension, possible pain reduction, and an improved feeling of physical wellness. This is a great class for beginners!

** Limited Space Available**

Schedule and preparation for class


If it is your first time attending a Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) class, please arrive 45min early to complete paperwork and receive an introduction on what to expect during a CAT class.

Critical Alignment Therapy Certification - with Gert van Leeuwen

Yin Yoga - with Alan Mileham E-RYT 500

Mona An and Ishta Yoga Nidra - with Bridgette Shaw-Bane E-RYT 500

200hr Yoga Teacher Training - with Jurgen & Nattacia Mantei

Critical Alignment Therapy mentors - Monica Krock & Jennifer Strukoff

Minor in kinesiology – University of Winnipeg

Minor in psychology – Athabasca University

My journey began 20+ years ago when I made the commitment to live a mindful life. I have practiced the physical aspect of yoga off and on throughout my journey, but it wasn't until I chose the path of yoga teacher training that I started to learn and discover the beauty within the philosophy of yoga. Along my journey, I have walked away from high-stress careers and relationships to refocus on what truly serves me, a simple life filled with kindness, joy & love - a life where less, truly is more.

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