About us

Love the yoga, helps release stress, and sync your body and mind/soul.
Blair Brandson-Bouchard

The precious time spent with Corinna has been the best investment in myself ever.
Trish McLeod

One of the supportive therapies that help my body keep functioning as it should.
Valerie Minish

Highly recommend for anyone working in the construction or trade industries! Best nights sleep is always after class!

As a yoga newbie I was really nervous to go to class, but at Yoga with Corinna it’s so comfortable, relaxing, enlightening, and fun.
Alli Fisher

our story

Yoga With Corinna is not your typical yoga studio, we offer small, customized classes that specialize in therapeutic yoga.


This in-home studio hosts 5-6 people comfortably, allowing Corinna to get to know each body, its movement patterns, tailoring classes to the needs of those in attendance. This semi-private atmosphere assures you will receive the support and guidance needed for a safe practice.


Specializing in Critical Alignment Therapy to release muscular tension which creates mobility of the spine, then build stability and strength, followed by developing coordination of movement through the midline and postural muscles resulting in more efficient movement patterns. The principles of Critical Alignment Therapy (CAT) are based on the skeleton, bringing our bodies back into alignment, and working from our strongest muscles – the postural muscles – so we use strength, yet feel more space & lightness, creating ease in our everyday life.


Everyone can benefit from therapeutic yoga – beginners, seniors, advanced, athletes, those with injuries, back or joint issues. We all develop preferences in our posture and movement patterns, resulting in the body consciously or subconsciously making compensations that over time result in discomfort, reduced range of motion, strain, pain and even injury.


The principles of CAT take us through a process of change from our existing preferences. When working together with a proper moving spine, you will experience that sense of ease and lightness in your life on and off your mat.


What does this all mean? Therapeutic yoga can improve range of motion/flexibility, relieve chronic pain and repetitive strain injuries. It is also beneficial for a variety of back, neck, shoulder, and hip issues, builds core strength & stability, and develops more efficient movement patterns.


Yoga With Corinna offers private, semi-private, and small classes. Contact us to book your session and discover what DO Less, feel more truly means.