Critical Alignment Therapy

Critical Alignment Therapy focuses on spinal alignment, reconnecting with and building postural muscles, and developing more efficient movement patterns. You will use specialized props to align, mobilize, and strengthen the spinal column, hips and shoulders, which help develop full range mobility and strength so the body grows strong, supple and resilient.

Critical Alignment Yoga props are classified as “Soft Props” or “Big Props”.

Soft Props: 

  • Black spinal strip
  • Felt pad or yoga blanket

Big Props: 

  • Back bending bench
  • Head standing bench
  • Shoulder stand block

The props work to rebalance your body and improve postural alignment and movement quality because they:

  • Act as an external framework to guide your body into better alignment.
  • You will use them to more precisely position the spine, hips and shoulders.